Important Message

Important Message

Friends & Family,

The health and safety of our guests and staff at Moscow on the Hill has always been – and will always be – a top priority. With recent global concerns about COVID-19, we feel it important to let you know that we are following the situation closely, and are being especially mindful of our efforts to maintain a clean and safe dining environment for everyone.

At this time, we see no reason not to maintain our regular business hours. For those who would prefer to bring the Moscow experience home, takeout is always available.
Our staff is well-versed in hygiene protocol and sanitizing standards. Guests are always welcome to wash their hands in our restrooms, and management is actively working on hand sanitizer solutions. We are also exploring and implementing additional methods for maximizing the safety of our guests. For example, we are delivering place settings upon arrival as opposed to having them pre-set – eliminating potential third party contact, and ensuring the cleanliness of our guests’ tables, glassware, linens, and utensils. And of course, our staff would be required to take advantage of their paid sick leave if they were to experience any COVID-19 symptoms.

Our commitment to offering the best, most-authentic experience does not waver. For centuries doctors prescribed horseradish as a cure-all, and while we’re not doctors, we do feel that a little of our horseradish vodka could do everyone (of drinking age) some good! We look forward to serving you in the near future!

Moscow on the Hill