Na Zdorovie! (“to your health”)
In the most authentic tradition, Moscow On The Hill offers the finest in Russian food and drink. We would be delighted to have you as our guest and know that you will enjoy the Russian ambiance and cultural dining experience.

The entree is preceded by soup and a salad. Zakuski is often the largest portion of the meal. Culture dictates that both cold and hot zakuski entree be served family-style prior to the meal in order to whet the appetite.

Our menu is rich with favorite Russian delicacies. Some, you will find, have a noticeable French, Mediterranean and far-Eastern influence. For those who prefer a taste closer to home, we also offer several American favorites. All of our meals can be made to order, so if you want your food prepared in a special way, just ask. The traditional Russian meal is a progressive, five-course ensemble beginning with the “zakuski” or appetizer.

Of course, there will be glorious caviar and vodka, blini, smoked salmon, and champagne, and a sampling of the classic Russian cuisine of the Czars. But there will also be a plenty of traditional fare from all the Russians – the Baltics, the Causcasas, Georgia, Moldavia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, and more.

Moscow on the Hill doesn’t attempt to cover every variation in Russia’s vast culinary heritage, but you might find steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions from the European west, spicy lamb kebabs with pomegranate sauce from the Middle Eastern Caucasus region, meat-filled dumplings (pelmeni) with sour cream-dill sauce from the Siberian steppes, and Russian traditions worthy of a czar–flaky pirogi stuffed with potatoes and mushrooms and the meat- or luscious cheese-filled crepes known as blini.