Original Vodka

Original Vodka

The Original Flight at Moscow on the Hill: A spice of life drink of the week

Reprinted from City Pages

Original Vodka Flight Moscow on the Hill $20


Some nights, you just want to have your cake and eat it, too. Or in the case of Moscow on the Hill and their (in)famous homemade flavored vodkas, have your cherry, and your caramel, and your tiramisu. Short and sweet, if it’s vodka you desire, creative infusions to obscure top shelf, this is the place to have it all, and a well-advised tour of the menu absolutely begins with the Original Flight.

These are the classics, ranging from savory to sweet, chilled and served on an impressive wooden paddle, a glistening jewel-toned line up of libations, pretty, but also mildly menacing (first timers bring a friend to share). Where to begin? Horseradish was the favorite of the night amongst the ranks of one rowdy hen party and circling suitors. Many a toast was made, many a grimace followed; this vodka is not playing around. Perhaps best mixed in to a bloody mary or spicy martini, served straight up the flavor is assertive, true to life, and a major kick to the sinuses.

Following that act with Pepper’s fresh cracked taste was a breeze, ditto the Garlic-Dill, both pleasantly earthy and herbal with clean, crisp flavor. Still got some steam? Proceed to the confectionary trio of the evening with Cherry, a surprisingly sophisticated infusion, perfection in a glass of bubbly. Caramel and Tiramisu round out the flight with predictably sweet shots, welcome in their simplicity as a delightful liquid dessert.

Sipping your vodka is considered highly inauthentic within the hallowed halls of Moscow on the Hill. Shoot quickly, shoot often, and keep a cab number in your pocket.


Where: 371 Selby Ave., St. Paul;
For more information: 651-291-1236; moscowonthehill.com